Aerospace Laser Marking Machine

aerospace laser marking machine adapt automation

This machine is based around a rotary index table that transfers the manually loaded insulators through a vision mapping station, laser dual side marking system, vision inspection station and then offloads them into a tray. The nests on the indexer are designed for all of the insulators with no tooling change required. At the beginning of the run, the operator will pick the type of insulator on the MMI (Man-Machine-Interface).

The insulators are then manually loaded in the nest, keying off of an orientation feature on the side, with the marking face oriented outwards. The index table then transfers it to the laser marking station where the nest is pulled into a shield to protect the operator for exposure from the laser. The connector insulator is then laser marked.

Once the insulator is mapped, the first side is marked. The nest rotates 180 degrees to mark the other side. The insulator is then vision inspected for accuracy and off loaded into a matrix tray by a dual servo system that moves the off-loader and the tray in two axis.

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