Automatic Pleating and Hot Melt Application Machine

Automatic Pleating and Hot Melt Application Machine​ adapt automation

Flat filter media is roll fed through a set of adjustable pleating blades and hot melt dispenser. The hot melt keeps the pleat spacing accurate as it cools. The pleat pack is then cut at the adjusted number of pleat count. Adjustable for different widths of filter media.

This machine automatically scores, applies hot melt and sets pleats while retaining pleat spacing during cooling. The hot melt has two purposes: 1) retains pleat spacing for maxi-air flow surface and 2) seals end of pleats for ease of subsequent handling operations and sealing in its container. The pleated filter is ideally suited for rectangular and round filters due to the live hinge, created by the hot melt Equipment is designed for fast pleating, through a continuous smooth and positive movement and is capable of pleating medias like High Efficiency Particular Air Filter (HEPA) and other less delicate medias.

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