Clamshell Packaging and Sealing Machine

Clamshell Packaging and Sealing Machine adapt automation

Plastic clamshell packages are fed by a conveyor, where they are manually filled with product, automatically loaded with information cards, and then automatically closed and ultrasonically sealed.

This machine loads a header card into a clear plastic clamshell type package containing one of several different types of door handles and then ultrasonically seals the package closed. The open packages are manually loaded onto a continuously moving conveyor belt leading to the card placing station. A stop at the card placing station stops the part and a sensor detects the presence of the package.  A card is then removed from the bottom of the stack and placed into the package by the card feeder. The packed then transfers through a set of closing cams that flip the top of the clamshell package over to allow the ultrasonic sealing to take place.

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