Computer Back Up Tape Assembly Machine

Computer Back Up Tape Assembly Machine adapt automation

Base plates are fed down a precision link indexer through multiple pin insertion stations. Pins are fed and pressed into the plates with precision location accuracy and parallelism.

This machine is used to assemble all of the Pins in a Baseplate for backup tape cassettes.  These include the tapes that are typically used in PC tape backup drives from Colorado and Conner (DC 2120, 3 1/2″) as well as 5 1/4″ tapes used for larger backups. The Baseplates are loaded in a rotary magazine offloader in stacks approximately 18″ high. The stack of Baseplates in the magazine that is currently being unloaded is elevated by a motor driven screw so that the top part in the stack can be picked up and placed onto a conveyor that transports it into the machine. The Pin insertion stations hold each Pin in a near perfect vertical orientation and presses them down into the plate.

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