June 19, 2017

Contact Retention Test Machine And Hood Assembly

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Machine No. 1802-1

This machine is fully automatic in its operation with mechanical cam operated functions. The machine is designed and built to automatically load test the contact spring tines for max. and mm. retention force through dead weight. The contacts of various sizes are vibratory bowl fed into a mechanical escapement head into the contact nest on the cam operated index table. All of the components handling the contacts are quickly interchangeable. They are fitted so that no adjustments are required for the various contact sizes, escapement, nests, pin length stops and the test pins with weights. The top plate indexes and the bottom plate is cammed up and down and holds the test pins and the max. and mm. weights. The machine is programmed to eject the contacts within tolerance into their container and the contacts that are above and below tolerances into their respective reject containers.

PART CONFIGURATIONS AND SIZE – Most sizes of contacts can be tooled for this machine.

CYCLE RATE – 80 to 120 per minute depending on contact configuration.

ELECTRONIC CONTROLS – Solid State programmable controller actuates the various operations of the machine. The control panel includes jog, single cycle and automatic selector switch, stop, emergency stop and separate counters for the good parts, above max. and below mm. parts. After a predetermined number of consecutive rejects the machine will stop and identify the problem area on the digital readout. After a reject at any of the stations the equipment will not assemble any of the subsequent parts.

TEST STATIONS – The first station physically probes the contact to be sure there is a hole in the part and that the part is actually in the nest. The machine then tests the max. and mm. loads and rejects parts out of tolerance. The last test station probes to determine that the parts are removed from the nest. The probe station could be substituted for a sizing operation.

Machine No. 1802-2

This machine is identical to the above machine no. 5031 except that it performs the additional function of installing a “Hood” onto each contact.

SPECIAL FEATURE – This machine has the added feature of additional contact sizes and also allows for contact configurations that require end-to-end feeding rather than parts hanging.

Each bowl and tracking system are independent from one another and are simply and quickly switched over

CONTROLS – Additional controls are included to select the additional functions required for this machine.

CYCLE RATE – 80 to 120 per minute, depending upon contact configuration and feedability.

TEST STATION – The machine will additionally test for missing hoods.

Home » Machine Archives » Contact Retention Test Machine And Hood Assembly

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