December 14, 2017

Miniature Contact Secondary Precision Head Turning Machine


This machine automatically feeds contact pins out of a feeder bowl into an escapement and pick and place system, which places the contact pin on a high-speed rotary collet. The collet, which was in a specific orientated position to pick up the square tail of the contact, starts and speeds up to a 10,000 RPM rotation at which moment the three cutting heads come in to make five different cuts on the head of the part. The collet will then slow down, brake and stop, oriented again, ready to pick up the next part. The finished contact pin is blown out of the collet into a container.

PART CONFIGURATION – .025 square forged pin, 1 1/4″ long with a small head which needs machining to very close tolerances.

TOOL OPERATIONS – Tools are timed and operated by means of a motor is driven mechanical camshaft.

SPECIAL TOOLING – Carbide form tool for each of the three cutting heads.

MACHINE CONTROL – Variable speed. Rotary orientation closed-loop decoder/sensor system.

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