June 19, 2017

Mold-Over Press Loader

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Machine No. 6818

ADAPT builds equipment to automatically load components into a molding press or other types of secondary operation machines. Here, a robot assembles cups onto automotive air bag igniters and inserts them into a four up mold that holds covers for the containment of the gas generate tablets.

The covers are then transferred, 4 at a time, into a molding machine for final sealing with the molding process. Once the four covers have been filled by the molding machine, they are all four set off onto a transfer conveyor for further processing. The igniters are fed from a vibratory feeder bowl and vision inspected for orientation before being assembled and inserted into the cover. This holds orientation of the ground pin in the cover, which is a vital procedure in the assembly process.

CONTROLS: The system is controlled by an Allen-Bradley Control Logix PLC. Human interface and data collection are provided by a custom Windows application written in Visual Basic using commercially available communication drivers communicate with the PLC over Ethernet.

CYCLE RATE: 20 Seconds 4-up

Home » Machine Archives » Mold-Over Press Loader

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