December 12, 2017

Surface Mount Socket Connector Contacts Tail Bending


This machine was designed to automatically feed DL and SL socket connectors from a tube through a tail prebend station, in a final form die to create surface mount sockets and unload the connector with bent tails into the tube at the discharge station.  Multiple tubes with the sockets to be processed are loaded in the magazine and empty tubes at the discharge magazine. When the tube is empty the magazine will automatically shuttle, discharging the empty tube and replacing it with a full tube and at the reload magazine the full tube will be discharged and replaced with an empty tube.

PARTS CONFIGURATIONS – Sockets with different width and length can be handled with minor set up changes.

MAGAZINES – Are easily adjustable for the various socket sizes

FORMING DIE – Is a one stoke triple action form die inside a two posted die shoe which forms both rows of contacts simultaneously The die is adjustable for various row-to-row connectors.

CYCLE RATE -1800 connectors per hour.

MACHINE CONTROLS – Solid state programmable controller actuates the operation of the machine, and the digital readout directs the operator how to start the machine and for what reason it stopped for a quick re-start. The control panel includes on-off, automatic single cycle, Emergency stop, reset, cycle stop, batch counter no extrusion limit devices, etc.