December 14, 2017

Tape Cassette Guide Machine


This machine is part of a full automatic assembly line. It automatically assembles the two tape guides of a computer tape cassette. The machine picks up a the cassette base plate from a conveyor belt, places it on an index table where the individual tape guide parts are automatically fed in from feed bowls, placed on the base plates, then riveted. The machine will then pick up the finished assembly, rotate it to a different orientation and place it back on the conveyor belt. Numerous sensing devices for safety, machine continuation and part testing are incorporated in this system.

OPERATION – Heavy duty, cam operated index table and machine construction affords continuous operation, virtually voiding mechanical breakdown.

Components are bowl fed into linear feeding tracks. Loading of the index stations is through mechanical escapement type placing stations. Loading from the conveyor belt and vice-versa is accomplished by pick and place robots. By having sensing stations around the index table, the machine can keep track of unloaded nests and/or missing parts, which will prevent loading of unwanted parts. Un-assembled parts are sensed and automatically rejected.

SEQUENCER – The machine sequence is controlled by a solid state programmable controller.

CYCLE RATE – 20 to 40 assembled parts per minute depending on the complexity of the assembly.

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