December 11, 2017

Telephone Connector Contact Assembly Machine


Automatically feeds and assembles 50 contacts into an insulator body, feeds and assembles a “T’ bar, tests contact assembly. Accepted parts are then contained by ultrasonic welding “T’ bar to insulator, rejected parts are routed to separate station for rework. Parts are automatically fed through loosely toleranced track systems to precision assembly stations.

PARTS CONFIGURATION – Unusually complex contact shape on carrier strip, various body sizes and shapes. Typical parts illustrated.

INSPECTION SYSTEM – Automatically tests for improperly inserted contacts and/or missing contacts prior to ultrasonic welding of contact “T’ bar.

CARRIERS PROGRESSION – Precision mechanically operated mechanism positioning 25 contacts per station.

CYCLE RATE – Ten (10) completed connector assemblies per minute.

FREQUENCY CONTROL – Self-contained control unit for ultrasonic welding provides easy access for adjustment of frequency and dwell time, power level, power cycle, total dwell and power test switch.

MACHINE CONTROL – Main control exterior access to feeder and progression control, variable speed machine cycle control, etc. Emergency stop switch located at each end of the machine. Air-filter, regulator, and lubricator unit furnished equipment.

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