December 12, 2017

Unprotected Header Multiple Cutting Machine


This automatic wafer/header multiple cutting machine is fed by an operator with the saws automatically activates when in place. An automatic feeding system can be integrated. The wafers or headers are cut by rotary cutting saws, which are mounted on an easily removable mandrel with interchangeable spacers, allowing all possible cutting combinations, and pitches. We also offer an automatic gang load, bend and cut machine.

PART CONFIGURATIONS – Headers and connectors requiring cutting including headers made out of “endless” extrusions. While a connector is cut, material is actually removed, making the cut connectors stackable.

CUTTING SAWS – Standard saw blades used, commercially available.

CYCLE RATE – On-demand, automatically activates when the part is in place. Can put a second part into position while the connector is being cut, approximately 5 seconds.

NUMBER OF CUTS – Up to 50 cuts per single cycle, 5-inch total length insulator standard.

DISCHARGE – Automatic positive connector sections removal by a stripper tool.

SPECIAL FEATURE – Header, not fully loaded with contacts, can be cut to any combination with the empty tail portion discharged separately.

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