Capsule / Vial – Fill, Seal and Label Machine

Capsule Vial Fill Seal and Label Machine adapt automation

Capsule are processed one at a time on a rotary indexer type, fill and seal operations and a label attached on a tab of the Capsule on a walking beam secondary feeder. The Capsules are vibratory bowl fed to a linear vibratory feeder in a single file line, side by side, with the hangers all in the same direction. They are transferred to the nest, one at a time, by an ADAPT
Automation standard pick & place device.

The aluminum foil is reel fed to the punch and seal station. Low limit monitoring alerts the operator that the reel is running low and will need replacing soon.

The fluid is dispensed by a syringe type positive displacement pump. With a diving dispense tip that lowers into the Capsule to keep any splashing of the solution from occurring. The tubing and dispense tip are easily removable for cleaning and or replacement.

The Capsules are transferred from the feeder system and loaded into the nest by an ADAPT Automation standard pick & place device. The nest is designed to hold the Capsule in the same orientation with the hangers facing outward. The Capsules are filled by an industrial, positive displacement pump system, to ensure accurate filling has occurred. Once the vial has entered the index position, a “Y” axis diving needle lowers down into the vial to keep the liquid stable in the vial as it’s pumping in.

The Foil is automatically fed into a punch and seal station where the Foil is adhered to the top of the Capsule by a special die designed to seal and cut with a single action. The labels are fed from an ID Technology Model 252 printer that is positioned in a horizontal plane. Labels have lot and date codes printed on the standard pre-printed label. Once complete the Labels await transfer onto the Tabs that will arrive using the walking beam transfer system.


 The Tab is fed from a vibratory feeder and loaded into a walking beam indexer. The orientation of the Tab is like a ‘roof top’ with the Capsule holding feature leading. The walking beam moves the Tabs through an automatic label placer that feeds the label and applies them directly down onto the Tab and presses it in place. The Tab is then fed to a final location with the
Capsule attaching feature exposed out in the very front. The Capsules are removed from the nest on the rotary indexer and inserted into the feature on the leading Tab. The Tab is then ejected as the next Tab enters the front of the walking beam. Once complete, the sequence will repeat itself.


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