Medical Biopsy Forecep Tip Assembly Machine

Medical Biopsy Forecep Tip Assembly Machine adapt automation

This machine automatically assembles and tests the tip of a Disposable Biopsy Forcep that is made up of 8 components. The parts are very small as illustrated above. The Cups, Links and W. Connectors are loaded into a pallet tilled by a shaker table. The operator then loads the entire pallet onto the machine. The machine then assembles the parts into fixtures on a precision link index conveyor. 

Even though the accuracy of the indexer is quite good, the small size and tight tolerances of the parts requires an extreme amount of precision that is not attainable mechanically. Each part is visually located with a CCD camera connected to a PPT vision system prior to being picked and placed. 

The location is also verified visually before the part is put down. The two Cup and Link assemblies are built separately in two cavities in the fixture and are later combined into a third cavity with the W. Connector. One of the Cup/Link sub-assemblies gets tipped over before it is placed in the final assembly cavity. The parts placers are built using precision THK Linear Guides and ground ball screws to give a repeatability of 0.0005″.

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