Medical Drip Chamber Assembly Machine

Medical Drip Chamber Assembly Machine adapt automation

Welds four (4) drip chambers per cycle. Because of their inconsistent shape, the tubes are manually loaded into the nest and tested for presence. The machine stops if any are missing. Four (4) bottom caps are loaded from two feeder bowls, tested for presence, RF welded to the tubes then spikes are assembled on top of the tubes. Tested for presence and RF welded.

The assembly is pressurized to 10 psi and tested for pressure drop, after which the breather cap is loaded on to the tubes. The assembly is finally tested for the presence of all pens and either ejected in the good bin or rejected. Three consecutive rejects at any station will stop the machine and an indicator light pinpoints the problem area.

The equipment is Solid State controlled and designed for operators capability to physically overlook all stations during operation of the machine and ease of service.

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